® Intelligent Maps is an umbrella company that Specializes in sustainable business intelligence for the public and private sector

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MORE THAN JUST IT! The company offers distinct services and solutions backed up by innovative technologies. BBBEE Rating 3


R-Data was formed in 1991 to specialise in providing public sector solutions throughout Southern Africa. R-Data designed and developed a public sector accounting package called PROMUN, which incorporates general ledger, creditors, orders, cashbook, stores, payroll, HR, costing, consolidated debtors, fixed assets and loan register.


Metisware Specialises in Business Software Development, we deliver expert services that exceed expectations and cater to our clients’ software development needs.


Poverty alleviation for the impoverished masses via the measurement & distribution of green socio-economic variables and sustainability best practices sourced from Corporate Social Investment

Bytes Technology Group

BYTES MANAGED SOLUTIONS (Bytes MS) is a services led, software driven and hardware enabled organisation that markets, supports and maintains enterprise-wide end-to-end technology solutions and related services that enable medium to large enterprises to effectively delivery their offering to the end consumers in South Africa and Africa.

Linkages Consulting

Vision To be a leading research, technology and systems based consulting company. Mission To be one of the largest business consulting research firms in South Africa and maintain this leadership role through quality service to our clients. Our Values “We link technology, systems, human capital and processes to solve organizational challenges and accelerate growth” BBBEE Rating Level 3

The Hotbox Co

Power free cooking for the impoverished masses, measured and delivered through Corporate Social Investment

Retail Spatial Intelligence

Proudly South African: Retail Marketing Consortium

But what are we really doing here?

We provide your company with a holistic economic view of your business objectives and provide innovative solutions based on demanding socio-economic variables
Our liberal approach to sustainability has become a benchmark within many corporate environments

We are information technologists who strive to find the most efficient and effective means to achieve IT results in Information management and Business Intelligence. As a result of this approach we have been able to build innovative solutions in competition to established players based on larger and more expensive platforms. Whilst we use open source extensively we deliver from a hybrid of proprietary and open source software platforms. Much of what we do has its roots in geo-spatial analysis and this has also helped shape our products and services. The spatial dimension shines light from other angles helping us with developing innovative solutions to business problems. Along the way we saw the need for a drastic green paradigm shift in municipal service delivery as a means for: - improved and sustainable service delivery, - poverty alleviation, - and positive environmental impact by default. In the course of our core professional work we have been required to process massive volumes of data via our business intelligence services. This has led to us evolve into an organisation focusing on Sustainability Data Science. Thus whilst we are passionate about Green our convictions are rooted in the Data. The Evidence in the Data supports the need for a Green Paradigm Shift!

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Over 100 years of combined municipal & corporate consulting

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CEO Metisware

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Business Process Consulting
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